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Crozat Method to Straightening Teeth
Dr. Ganzkow has been performing orthodontics procedures on adults and children since 1993. Many treatment modalities are available, including functional appliances (crozat philosophy), fixed wire appliances, and Invisalign. There is no better way to immediately improve aesthetics and function than with good orthodontic care.

The Crozat Method is a way of straightening teeth without having "traditional braces". In fact, there are many differences between traditional braces and a Crozat appliance:
•  The appliance isn't cemented to the teeth, it is removable for cleaning.
•  It fits behind the teeth and is therefore not visible
•  It works from the inside of the mouth
•  It works well at any age to move teeth forward or widen the arches to straighten teeth
•  It is comfortable
•  It produces a fuller, more beautiful smile

Most Beautiful Smile
Using the Crozat Method the end result is a most beautiful smile through developing the dental arch. This provides more support for the lips so the profile is fuller and not flat or concave as can happen with extractions.

Health Considerations
The fact that the appliance is removed for cleanings allows for healthier gum tissues. All areas of the teeth can be accessed, there are no "food traps" to encourage bacterial growth and cause disease.

Crozat appliance adjustments are very light and comfortable. Because the teeth are not fixed in place they are free to fully function in their new positions and adapt to their natural environment. The occulsion (bite) improves during these slow gradual adjustments and allows the lips to stay together for proper swallowing.

Look and Feel
The basic Crozat appliance is inconspicuous and patients often report that, after the initial accommodation period of a week or two, they hardly notice the presence of the appliance. There can be less discomfort than other methods because the pressures are so mild and due to the fact appliance adjustments are made with the appliances out of the mouth. If used for final adjustments Crozats can have the appearance of a conventional retainer.

How Long?
The crozat method is not necessarily a quicker form of treatment, it may extend over a period of several years. Each case is unique. The Crozats work only when worn so wearing them part time will result in long treatment times.

When is the Best Time
Lateral arch devellpment to relevie crowding can start as early as age five. Young patients adapt quickly to the appliance and older patients appriciate that the Crozats are comfortable, hygienic, and inconspicuous.
American Academy of Gnathologic Orthopedics
The AAGO provide extensive resources for those interested in the Crozat method. Please visit the American Academy of Gnathologic Orthopedics website for more information.
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